Thursday, 21st January, 2021

About Us

PLAY Caribbean Sports magazine is published by Safari Publications Co. Ltd. We capture the region’s sporting heroes and tell the story of the human spirit and what makes us who we are.

We will feature the past and present, and predict the future; we will pay tribute to those heroes who taught us so much over the years, yet remain thankless and forgotten; we will constructively critique our current sport administrators and highlight the strengths and flaws of our athletes.

Our contributors include sports writers Joseph “Reds” Perreria, Nasser Khan, Renaldo Matadeen, Sheldon Waithe and our editor-at-large, sport legend and FIFA technician, Alvin Corneal.

Safari Publications Co. Ltd are a creative boutique that began as a small publishing house in 2005. That year, we launched Caribbean BELLE magazine, which was quickly followed by Caribbean LIFE magazine and other in-house publications including The Official Guide to the FIFA World Cup 2006/2010, and The Official Guide to the ICC World Cup 2011.

Since, we’ve been fortuitous to use our conceptualization, design and editorial talents to craft eye-catching publications and winning advertisements for an array of clients.

New businesses services include print design and layout, editing, web development including e-publications and social media, as well as advertising and branding including logo creation, advertising concepts and strategy, designs across platforms, crafting words and manipulating imagery, scripting for radio and television and overseeing media production, media planning and buying, and by extension organizing media conferences and showcases.