Naim Khan - Editor-in-Chief

EDITOR’S NOTE – Volume 1 Issue 1

was born the last of nine children, five boys and four girls, and together with my parents, we had a full cricket or football team. Not surprisingly, these world-regarded sports are my favorites. My family members are all sport enthusiasts, and some are administrators or armchair critics of various sport disciplines.

This background and my General Manager position at Eniath’s Printing Company Limited (EPCL), the region’s largest printing firm, propelled me into the world of sport publishing.

In 2005, Safari Publications Company Limited (sister company of EPCL) exploded onto the market with two publications, Caribbean BELLE and The Official Guide to the 2006 FIFA World Cup, Germany. Caribbean BELLE is by far the leader in its class, having garnered three awards for excellence from the Caribbean Advertising Federation (CAF), and to date has released thirty-three editions.

Safari Publications pursued the unimaginable task and was eventually awarded the exclusive rights to publish The Official Guide to the 2006 FIFA World Cup, Germany, long before the Soca Warriors had qualified. We’ve also exclusively published The Official Guide to the 2010 FIFA World Cup and The Official Guide to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011. This year, we will release The Official Guide to the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Brazil. 

Today, after many years of planning and waiting for the right time, people and ingredients, I humbly present PLAY Caribbean Sports. The magazine captures the region’s sporting heroes and tells the story of the human spirit and what makes us who we are. We aim to provide a deeper and more sincere understanding of all sports played regionally.

The publication will be distributed at magazine racks and newsstands in Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Barbados, and throughout the region, and the West Indian diaspora.

PLAY would not be a reality today without our main ingredient, our editor-at-large, sport legend, FIFA technician, and dear friend, Alvin Corneal. I have known Alvin almost all my life as a player, commentator, sport analyst, and FIFA technician etcetera. So, when he approached us two years ago to publish his autobiography, I thought this was the man I was waiting on to kick-start this project.

Other important and equally talented PLAY contributors include sports writers Joseph “Reds” Perreira, Nasser Khan, Renaldo Matadeen and Sheldon Waithe

I can assure you that this great team will bring our valued readers rare and intriguing insights into the sports we love. We will feature the past and present, and predict the future; we will pay tribute to those heroes who taught us so much over the years, yet remain thankless and forgotten; we will constructively critique our current sport administrators and highlight the strengths and flaws of our athletes.

I end with a quote from a famous sport personality.

“It’s extra effort that separates a winner from second place. But winning takes a lot more then that, too. It starts with complete command of the fundamentals. Then, it takes desire, determination, discipline, and self-sacrifice. And finally, it takes a great deal of love, fairness and respect for your fellow man. Put all these together, and even if you don’t win, how can you lose?” 

– Jesse Owens

Naim Khan,

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