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TOBAGO IS AWAKEN to International Cycling like no other – by the TOBAGO INTERNATIONAL CYCLING CLASSIC

Tobago International Cycling Classic

Already distinguished by securing the endorsement of UCI (the world governing body for cycling) and ESPN’s coverage to an estimated 100 million people across 150 cities around the world, the Tobago International Cycling Classic is spreading its global reach even further. This year the event is being introduced to live streaming on the worldwide web… This will complement the already …

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SHARE THE ROAD TT – An Unprecedented Sports Initiative – by SHELDON WAITHE

Sport is meant to be fun; the enhancement of one’s fitness, prolonging life and adding value. Occasionally, at the highest levels when the limits are pushed to the nth degree in the cauldron of competition, tragedy occurs. Witness the death of luge competitor Nodar Kumaritashvili at the Vancouver Winter Olympics, or numerous jockeys or powerboat drivers killed while heading to …

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Roger Gibbon

You have to be hungry to win and if you love to win, then you hate to lose. And if you can train harder and better than everyone else, you stand a good chance to win more than everybody else.” Roger Gibbon’s steely gaze as he imparts his philosophy provides further emphasis to the thinking that made him the fantastic …

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